Below are resources for the University’s procurement offices; please note that some of these resources might be specific to the Knoxville campus.

ProcessesLinkDate Updated
AssetsClick Here5/11/18
Buyer Requisition InstructionsClick Here12/7/18
Change OrdersClick Here5/11/18
Changing a Delivery Address in IRISClick Here5/11/18
Checking the Balance of a POClick Here6/10/18
Creating an IRIS PO from an ESM RequisitionClick Here2/25/19
Digital File GuidelinesClick Here5/9/19
Framework Order Renewal Report (IRIS)Click Here5/11/18
Framework Order TemplateClick Here5/11/18
Master Agreement LookupClick Here5/11/18
PO Website DirectionsClick Here5/11/18
Purchasing Agreement SystemClick Here5/11/18
Purchasing Agreement System Extension NotificationsClick Here5/11/18
Reviewing Contract NCJsClick Here5/11/18
Reviewing RequisitionsClick Here5/11/18
Searching Statewide ContractsClick Here5/11/18
Shipping InsuranceClick Here5/15/18
Shipping Insurance FormClick Here5/15/18
Sourcing System InstructionsClick Here4/2/19
Year End Click Here5/11/18


Procurement MethodsDescriptionLinkLast Updated
MethodsThis document describes the various procurement methods (RFQ, RFP, NCJ, etc.)Click Here3/19/19


Procurement A-ZDescriptionLinkLast Updated
DocumentThis is a comprehensive document that addresses a wide variety of topics and is organized alphabeticallyClick Here3/19/19
Equipment Loan AgreementClick Here5/18/18
Advance Payment Form (Knoxville)Provide the information included in this form when contact the CBO for advance payment approvalClick Here5/18/18


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