Stage 1: Pre-Solicitation:

  • Initial steps:
    • Determine whether UT has an existing agreement that covers the goods or services.  UTSA strongly recommends that you use the existing agreements.
    • Determine whether the good or service is available on a cooperative, state contract, Tennessee Board of Regents, GSA, or other similar agreements.  Please remember the following:
      • Cooperatives
        • We may only use agreements that were bid by a government agency through a public, competitive bid process; or agreements that were bid by a private company that followed a public, competitive bid process (e.g. Vizient or Premier).
        • UT can never exceed the term (time period) of the cooperative contract.  So, if a cooperative agreements expires (with no renewals) on January 31, 2025, UT cannot issue a PO under the cooperative beyond January 31, 2025.
        • You must obtain all applicable documents to create the PO file.




Stage 2: Solicitation Preparation:


  • Solicitation Evaluation Attestation Form: Use with every bid, regardless of bid type (RFQ, RFP, and RFQ-S).



Stage 3: Solicitation Process:



Stage 4: Award Process:



Stage 5: PO or Contract Process:



Stage 6: Documentation:

  1. Follow the Digital File guidelines to ensure that you properly create digital files.



Stage 7: PO or Contract Management, and Supplier Relationship Management:



Other Procurement Processes:


Sole-Source Requests




Open File Period


Public Records Requests