The University of Tennessee uses ESM Solutions, Inc. as its e-procurement solutions provider.  All companies currently registered as bidders with The University of Tennessee’s electronic sourcing/bid/solicitation (“sourcing”) system are registered in ESM Solutions’ Mercury Commerce platform.   The University posts its bids and proposals (“solicitations”) on the Mercury Commerce sourcing system.


On September 3, 2018, The University of Tennessee (including all of its campuses) will switch to ESM Solutions new sourcing system platform.  To see the University’s solicitations posted on or after September 3, 2018, companies must register with ESM Solutions new platform.  Unfortunately, your Mercury Commerce profile cannot be automatically converted to the new sourcing system.  Failure to register will mean that you will not see the University’s solicitations posted on or after September 3.  Registration is free, and you may register as a bidder here:


If you have any questions about registering, please contact ESM Solutions at 1-215-444-9300,, or  If you have questions about the University’s bid process or other University procurement questions, please contact Blake Reagan at


Please note the following:

  • Registering as a bidder is not a guarantee that your company will be selected as a winning bidder.
  • The University does not maintain an “approved vendors” list.  Registering as a bidder does not make your company an “approved vendor.”
  • Bids published by the Office of Facilities Planning (capital projects, construction, demolition, etc.) are not posted in the ESM Solutions system.  Please contact the Office of Facilities Planning for further details.


The University offers supplier orientation information sessions on a regular basis.  These sessions do not address how to use the bid system.  Please contact ESM Solutions if you need training on the bid system.  The University’s supplier orientation sessions provide a basic overview of the University.  You may find more info here: