The University of Tennessee utilizes ESM Solutions, a third-party e-procurement software provider, for its sourcing/bid system.  The University of Tennessee’s 4 procurement offices post their bids through ESM Solutions‘ Sourcing system.  Click the button below to see UT’s public sourcing opportunities board (no registration required to view the board, but you must register to receive notifications and to submit responses).


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Instructions for Registering as a Bidder for the University of Tennessee

All bidders who wish to receive notifications of the University’s public, competitive solicitations must register with ESM Solutions, Inc.  There is no charge for this registration, it takes a few minutes and it is easy to use.  The University recommends that your company create a group email account, such as “”  This will help ensure that your company will continue to receive notifications, even if a specific individuals leaves your company.  To register: use the following link:



After you reset your password or register:

Once you have registered, we recommend you view your Customers and Email Notification options located in your ESM Profile. This will allow you to customize the emails you receive from the system. If you do not choose to customize this information you will receive emails from all users of the ESM Sourcing System, not just the University of Tennessee.


Also, we have been informed that the automated emails from ESM ( may go to your junk mail. If this happens, please add the email address to your address book to help ensure you receive all notices.

Need help?

If you have any issues registering, please review the Supplier Guides in General Supplier Guides for ESM.

Have questions?

If you have questions for ESM, please contact ESM’s support staff via phone or email.  See ESM’s website for further details.


If you have questions for UT, please contact Blake Reagan at


Please note the following:

  • Registering as a bidder is not a guarantee that your company will be selected as a winning bidder.
  • The University does not maintain an “approved vendors” list.  Registering as a bidder does not make your company an “approved vendor.”
  • Bids published by the Office of Facilities Planning (capital projects, construction, demolition, etc.) are not posted in the ESM Solutions system.  Please contact the Office of Facilities Planning for further details.


The University offers supplier orientation information sessions on a regular basis.  These sessions do not address how to use the bid system.  Please contact ESM Solutions if you need training on the bid system.  The University’s supplier orientation sessions provide a basic overview of the University.  You may find more info here: