Providing Information, Resources, and Opportunity

The Office of Procurement Services provides outreach to small or diverse businesses through its Diversity Business Enterprise program.  We seek to provide relevant information and resources to assist diverse suppliers in their pursuit of business opportunities with the university.


University Information and Resources


State of Tennessee Diversity Certification 

We encourage eligible suppliers to certify as a diversity business with the State of Tennessee Governor’s Office of Diversity Business Enterprise (GoDBE).

The state lists certified vendors in its diversity business directory, allowing the university and other government agencies to identify diverse suppliers easily.


For more information, visit The State of Tennessee Diversity Business Enterprise Program.


Upcoming Events for Small and Diversity Business Enterprises

UT Procurement Services participates in several state and local small business events each year.

If you would like to receive email notifications of upcoming events, click here.


Resources for University Employees


Employee Workshop – How UT Employees Can Support Small Business

Employees in the Knoxville area are invited to participate in this one-hour, interactive workshop that discusses how we can support local, small business while following UT procurement policy.


To view dates and register, go to enter “small” in the search box.