Providing Information, Resources, and Opportunity

The Office of Procurement Services provides outreach to small and diversity-owned businesses through its supplier diversity program.  We seek to provide relevant information and resources to assist diverse suppliers in their pursuit of business opportunities with the university.


Our Key Strategies:

  • Outreach. Deliver relevant, accurate information and resources that promote diverse suppliers’ participation in university procurement opportunities.
  • In-reach. Educate and engage university departments in the university’s supplier diversity initiatives.
  • Lateral reach. Collaborate with state and community partners to create strategies for increasing the utilization of diverse suppliers, particularly minority-owned businesses.

The University of Tennessee complies with all state and federal laws relating to supplier diversity.  As an instrumentality of the State of Tennessee, the University does not have mandated set-asides for small or diversity spend and cannot show preference in its procurement processes based on size, diversity, or gender status.

View this short video to learn more about our supplier diversity program.

Information and Resources for Current and Potential UT Suppliers

UT’s Supplier Diversity Program provides numerous workshops and resources to assist suppliers in their pursuit of potential opportunities with the University.   Please visit the Info for Bidders and Suppliers area of the UT Procurement website to take advantage of these resources.


State of Tennessee Diversity Certification

UT Procurement Services partners with multiple state and local agencies that serve small and diversity-owned businesses.   One of our partners is the Tennessee Governor’s Office of Diversity Business Enterprise, also known as GoDBE.   Among other services, GoDBE certifies Tennessee businesses that are small, minority-owned, woman-owned, service-disabled veteran-owned, or owned by persons with disabilities.

Benefits of GoDBE certification for eligible suppliers:

  • Certified companies are listed in the TN Diversity Business Directory.
  • Certification increases exposure among TN government agencies, general contractors, and corporations.
  • Certification increases exposure among UT departments.

We encourage eligible suppliers to certify as a small or diversity-owned business with the State of Tennessee Governor’s Office of Diversity Business Enterprise (GoDBE).

For more information, visit  The State of Tennessee Diversity Business Enterprise Program.

Search for Diversity-Supplied and Sustainable Products in the UT Market Place


Search for UT Purchasing Agreements with Suppliers That Have Small and Diversity Business Certifications


Search for Current UT Vendors That Have Small and Diversity Business Certifications


Search for Small and Diverse Suppliers in the Tennessee Diversity Business Directory

University departments seeking to utilize diverse suppliers for small purchases and informal bids may search the Tennessee Diversity Business Directory, maintained by the Tennessee Governor’s Office of Diversity Business Enterprise (GoDBE).  The directory is updated daily and offers multiple search options.


Invite Small and Diverse UT Suppliers to Become Certified with the Tennessee Governor’s Office of Diversity Business Enterprise (GoDBE)

The Tennessee Governor’s Office of Diversity Business Enterprise (GoDBE) offers training and technical assistance to GoDBE-certified suppliers.   If you know suppliers that may benefit from GoDBE-certification, share this flyer or refer them to the Resources for Suppliers section of this webpage.


Employee Workshop – Engaging in UT’s Supplier Diversity Initiatives

Employees are invited to participate in this one-hour interactive workshop to learn about UT’s supplier diversity initiatives and how to become involved.  Contact to schedule.


Additional Resources