Bid Limits

Purchases of less than $10,000 do not need to be bid and they can be handled by the department through:

  • Procurement Card
  • Invoice From Vendors

Purchases between $10,000 and $49,999.99:

  • Must be processed through Procurement Services using the requisition process.

Purchases of $50,000 and higher:

  • Must be processed through Procurement Services using the requisition process

Purchase Orders

The Office of Procurement Services and the State of Tennessee have many established purchase orders that allow you to procure goods and services without bidding. You may order directly from the supplier and receive our discounted prices. Bids, NCJ’s and contracts are not required when using these purchase orders.

Purchase Orders

When other factors besides the lowest prices need to be considered in procuring a good or service, a Request for Proposal (RFP) is the preferred procurement method.  An evaluation committee is typically formed and they evaluate a technical proposal from potential bidders.  After these items are scored, costs are factored into the evaluation based on predetermined weights.

Sole Source Justification/Non-Competitive Justification 

If you can’t find what you need through one of those processes described above and you feel that only one source can provide this, you must justify why this item can’t be bid through the Non-Competitive Justification (NCJ) process. It is usually easier and faster to just bid the item than completing the NCJ process.

  • Contracts: Departments seeking to justify a sole-source purchase associated with a contract must complete the NCJ field in the University’s Contract Management System.
  • Requisitions/Purchase Orders: Departments must attach the NCJ form in the UT Requisition System.