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Last updated: January 26, 2022


The University encourages all vendors to reach out to Procurement Services team members to verify any orders that a vendor believes might be suspicious.  All vendors must be vigilant and protect themselves against fraud.


Scammers are targeting businesses across the U.S. claiming to be placing orders on behalf of The University of Tennessee.  We encourage all suppliers to take precautions so that the supplier does not become a victim of these scams.  The scams involves fraudulent/fake purchase orders, or fake requests for quotations, that claim to originate from the University, but are fraudulent.  The scammers appear to be located in Ghana.


Please also be aware that some scammers will use legitimate University addresses when placing the order, and then change the ship-to address after placing the order. 


Please note that the scammer might spoof a University email.  So, be sure to check the email’s headers to determine if the email actually came from the University.  Even if the order actually came from a University email, we recommend that you remain vigilant and call the official University phone number for the person who claims to be from the University to verify the order (use directory.utk.edu to look up contact information for University employees).  If the order is unusually large or from a new customer at UT, you can call the UT System Office of Procurement Services and we can help determine whether the purchase is legitimate.


The fraudulent purchase orders often look similar to these examples of a fraudulent (1) purchase order or (2) purchase order.  Here is the latest example of a fraudulent purchase order and another.  Here is the latest example of a fraudulent purchase order.


The scammer might also complete a credit application using the names of officials who work for the University.  Here is an example of a fraudulent credit application.  Here is another example of a fraudulent credit application.  And another.


You can report internet crimes to the FBI at the following website: https://ic3.gov/


Variations of this type of scam have been around since 2014, according to the FBI.  https://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/purchase-order-scam-leaves-a-trail-of-victims


Information about active/current scams, please note that the scammers might change names, email addresses, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, names, etc. at any time and the changes might not be reflected below; we update this page when we are aware of new information, but we are not always aware of the scammers’ tactics.

  • As of March 2018, scammers are using the following names (please note that these individuals do not work for The University of Tennessee):
    • Jacob Sims, Jr.
    • Jacobs Sims, Jr.
    • Joel Sims, Jr.*
    • Joel Simms
    • Michael Carl
    • Richard Nixon 
    • Tom Geddes
    • Tony Hawk (professional skateboard celebrity)
    • Tony Spencer
    • Tom
    • Erin Tinsley
    • Zach Mahon
    • Jack Johnson
    • Patrick Wicker

*Please note that the real Joel Sims, Jr. is the director of procurement at Tennessee State University.  TSU is not part of The University of Tennessee System.

  • The scammer might impersonate a legitimate UT employee, such as Blake Reagan or David Miller.


  • Also, scammers are using the following phone numbers: 865-590-4506, 865-465-6960, 909-545-6515, 865-264-2869, 865-999-4940, 615-763-4657, 313-528-3627, 865-244-4238, 865-590-4757, 870-224-1393, 570-224-1393, 888-702-7318, 423-291-4426, 865-264-0072, 865-351-4416, 865-264-0072 (these are not legitimate UT phone numbers).


  • The University does not include a DUNS Number, EIN, or DHHS number on its purchase orders. 


  • Foreign accents: Currently, no one in the University’s official procurement offices has a foreign accent.


  • The scammer asks to have items shipped to a “quality control” or “quality testing” location in Washington, Michigan, Texas, Florida, or California (or other locations outside Tennessee).   Please be especially cautious if the bill-to address is in Tennessee, but the ship-to is outside of Tennessee.  Another common scam is that the scammer will use real university addresses to place the order, and then call and change the ship-to address after the vendor accepts the order.


  • The address might be in Lebanon, TN or Goodlettsville, TN.  The University does not have a location in either Lebanon, TN or Goodlettsville, TN.  132 F


  • The ship-to address might be listed as 3303 Sutherland Ave., Knoxville, TN 37919 (that is not a University address), or Applied Products Inc/Adhesive, c/o CWC Logistics, 1016 Kasper Way, Goodlettsville, TN 37072.


  • The University does not have a “quality control” or “quality testing” or central receiving location.  


  • Fraudulent email addresses (the University does not use any email addresses other than .edu; the University never uses .com, .net, or .org email addresses):
    • procurements@ac-utk.net
    • procurements@ac-utk.org (this email address might change).
    • uktoffice@gmail.com
    • Orders@acutk.com
    • accountspayable@unitk-edu.org
    • Info@acutk.com
    • buy.purchasing@acutk.com
    • purchasing@utkedu.net
    • procurement@utk-edu.org 
    • purchasing@utk.-edu.net
    • sales@utk.edu.net
    • salesutkedu@gmail.com
    • utksales@usa.com
    • utkinvoice@mail.com
    • utk-sales@usa.com
    • invoice@utk-edu.org
    • 4416sales@utk-edu.net
    • utkedusales2@gmail.com
    • info@utk-edu.org
    • utk-edu@usa.com
    • account@utk-edu.org
    • sales@utk-edu.org
    • procurement@utk-edu.org
    • purchasing@utk-edu.org
    • david@utk-edu.org
    • joel@utk-edu.org
    • blake@utk-edu.org


  • Fraudulent user names meant to look like UT email addresses:
    • gaillarda@hotmail.fr (note that the email address is in France, and also from a Hotmail account). 


  • The scammers’ fake/fraudulent POs contain a barcode.  The University’s authentic POs do not contain any barcodes. 


  • Fax: The University does not fax purchase orders.


Helpful tips to check for fraud (these tips are not necessarily comprehensive):

  • Grammar: often, the scammers use poor grammar.  Carefully review the email for grammar mistakes.  If the email contains many spelling or grammar errors, you should be suspicious.
  • Payment Terms: The University often requests net 30 payment terms, but the University will first ask a vendor to register in Payment Works.  If the person claiming to be from the University does not ask a vendor to register in Payment Works, the vendor should be suspicious.
  • Email address:
    • Hover over the email address of the sender to see if the email address is a valid/legit UT email address (valid UT email addresses will always be .edu emails).
    • Email addresses that scammers use will likely be ____@_____.com, .net, or .org.
    • The University never uses .com or .org email addresses.
  • Logos: University logos will often be of poor quality.
  • Terminology: Scammers often use incorrect terminology.  Official UT “requests for quotations” are never orders or requests for orders.  Official requests for quotations are invitations to bid.  Official UT orders will be called “purchase orders” and will be on official UT documentation.  Scammers often call their fraudulent orders “requests for quote.”
  • Signatures: If a PO or credit application is signed, the scammer will often sign using a celebrity’s signature (such as Tony Hawk or Richard Nixon).
  • Ship-To: The ship-to address will often be outside of Tennessee; sometimes, the ship-to address will be in a foreign country.  While UT sometimes places valid orders to be shipped outside of TN, this is a very rare occurrence.  We recommend that suppliers be suspicious of all requests to ship to addresses outside of TN.  Also, UT does not have a “quality control” or “testing” department.
  • Amount: The fraudulent orders are usually large (over $20,000).
  • Type of goods: Scammers seek to buy items that they can sell quickly online.  Most often, scammers attempt to buy technology products, such as USB drives or micro SD cards.  Sometimes, scammers will attempt to buy exercise or travel-related items, or clothing (e.g. t-shirts, backpacks), or items such as chainsaws.  And, sometimes, the scammers seek to order construction supplies.
  • Phone number: You will want to verify the phone number of the person contacting you.  You may use UT’s official directory to search for correct phone numbers.  If you call a phone number allegedly for UT procurement and a person with a strong foreign accent answers, you have either called the wrong number or a scammer.  The University always engages in equal opportunity hiring practices.  Currently, no individuals with a strong foreign accent work in any of UT’s 4 procurement offices.
  • Google Maps: Use Google Maps to search for the ship-to address.
  • Google: Use Google to search for the names and phone numbers of everyone involved.  Try searching phone numbers with quotation marks around the entire phone number, such as “865-974-3971” (that number is an authentic UT number).


Suppliers are fully responsible for verifying the accuracy of all orders.  The University is not responsible for any losses caused by a supplier fulfilling a fraudulent order.  If you have questions about whether a purchase order or request for quotation is valid, or if you would like to report a fraudulent order, please forward appropriate information to fraud@tennessee.edu.

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