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Quarterly Workshop – An Introduction to Construction Opportunities at UT

This workshop discusses the differences in working with UT Capital Projects and UT Procurement.   We will share tips on how to pursue potential construction opportunities for each office.

Monday, May 20, 4:00-4:30 Eastern/3:00-3:30 Central (ONLINE)


UT Supplier Orientation, Part 1: REGISTER

This 30-minute webinar demonstrates how to register in UT’s electronic bid system, ESM Solutions.   We will discuss how to register, how to edit your email notification settings, how to select commodities (NIGP codes),  how to add users to your company profile, and how to add business classifications to your company profile.

Thursday, April 25, 4:00-4:30 Eastern/3:00-3:30 Central (ONLINE) – abbreviated session will begin immediately after Supplier Orientation, Part 2.

Handouts: REGISTER

Video 1: Overview

Overview of ESM and discussion of how bidders are selected to receive UT bid notifications.

Video 2: Registering in ESM

Helpful tips for completing ESM registration.

Video 3: Modifying Email Notifications

IMPORTANT information to reduce the number of email notifications from ESM Solutions.

Video 4: Business Classifications

Explanation of how UT uses business classifications and demo of how to add them to your ESM profile.


UT Supplier Orientation, Part 2: PREPARE

This one-hour workshop provides an overview of doing business with UT.   Topics include UT’s organizational structure,  procurement policies, procedures, and payment methods.

Thursday, April 25, 3:00-4:00 Eastern/2:00-3:00 Central (ONLINE)

Wednesday, May 15, 11:00-12:00 Eastern/10:00-11:00 Central (ONLINE)


UT Supplier Orientation, Part 3: RESPOND

This 30-minute workshop demonstrates how to use UT’s electronic bid system, ESM Solutions, to respond to UT solicitations.   We will demonstrate how to navigate the platform, how to upload attachments, how to enter the unit bid price, and how to confirm that your response was submitted.

There are no webinars scheduled for this topic at this time.  Please refer to the handout and videos to view the workshop material.   Contact UT’s small business liaison, kbinkley@tennessee.edu, if you have questions.

Handout:  RESPOND


Video 1: Accessing ESM Solutions

Demo of how to log into ESM and search for bids.

Video 2: Header Section of the ESM Response

Demo of how to navigate the header section, download solicitation documents, and accept terms.

Video 3: Events Section of the ESM Response

Demo of how to navigate the events section, upload completed solicitation documents, and enter bid price.


General Supplier Training – Not UT Specific

Building Business Relationships with Government Agencies

This video series is designed for companies that are new to doing business with local and state government agencies – it is not specifically about doing business with UT.   The series is a collaborative effort of The City of Knoxville, Knox County, and The University of Tennessee.  Our appreciation to Mr. Samuel Cowell for slide creation.