**Campus Contract Office New User Interface Instructions**

On December 8, 2023, ESM updated the CCO/approvers user interface.




Videos for end users/UT departments:


  • Setting up vendors:
    • When UT will pay the vendor: please use the PaymentWorks process to add the vendor to UT’s vendor database.
    • When the vendor will pay UT (known as a “receivable” contract) at UTHSC: please contact your campus contract office.
    • When the transaction does not involve money, or is receivable (income to UT) not at UTHSC: click this link and enter data in the form (this form is for use by UT employees only)







Videos for Campus Contract Offices:


Debarred vendors:

Searching for debarred vendors (training videos available at the links below):



Links to the applicable webpages:



Amendments: best practices


Contract system